The Toolbox for Information Literacy, http://toolbox-en.fontysdienstoeno.nl, (hereafter referred to as “website”) is a joint project of the Fontys Education and Research Department (hereafter referred to as “Fontys”) and the Fontys Libraries (including information specialists working at the different Fontys Schools).

The materials available on the website have partly been developed by members of the project team Development of Information Toolbox Literacy and partly by information specialists, employed in the various Fontys Schools. In addition, materials that were developed by others, regarding information literacy, were taken from the internet and included in the Toolbox (see list of references for more information).

The information on the website is solely intended to provide general information on information literacy and information skills. Fontys is diligent in ensuring this information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. This is why the information provided can be altered or withdrawn at any time, without prior notice. Hence, no rights can be derived from the website.

Visiting and using this website is at your own risk. Fontys is not liable for any kind of damage resulting from visiting this website or using information obtained from this website, unless this damage can be characterized as intent on Fontys’ part. Fontys does not accept any liability for hyperlinks and references to materials hosted on other websites or services of third parties.

The content of the website is made available under the Creative-Commonslicense Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Dutch, unless specifically indicated otherwise.