The Toolbox Information Literacy is a platform that gives information specialists and teachers/lecturers access to materials and tools that can be used to help develop an Information Skills workshop or lesson.


Digital skills and more specifically skills related to the processing of and searching for information, are increasingly important in society today. These skills are often referred to as 21st century skills. The Toolbox Information Literacy is a project initiated by the Education and Research Department of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in October 2014, in collaboration with Fontys Libraries and information specialists. The Toolbox project will be completed in May 2015.

This Toolbox is developed to satisfy a wide-felt need for clear, attractive and flexible learning aids and –materials that can be used when putting together a workshop or curriculum for Information Skills. In this context, it is important to be able to use current events and make use of state-of-the-art technology and teaching methods. Also, the teaching materials have to be presented ‘just-in-time’ and in an online environment. And last but not least, teachers have expressed that they would like to have access to materials that have a Fontys look and feel to them.

The demand for custom-made materials is increasing and there is a need to be able to develop custom workshops, instead of being forced to use a standard workshop which does not take into account the program’s specific requirements.

This Toolbox includes materials that are used to develop Information Literacy skills among students. Foremost, this Toolbox can be used by information specialists and teachers within Fontys in the development of lessons and workshops. The ultimate goal is to embed information literacy in all of Fontys’ education programs and give all Fontys students access to relevant materials that they can use independently.

To navigate the Toolbox, the menu in the upper bar can be used, as well as the advanced search box and the tagcloud in the lower left corner of the screen. For more detailed information on how to use the materials from the Toolbox in a class or workshop, a manual is available. In addition, users can search the Toolbox directly on specific learning goals, if desired.

All materials include a short description of how they can be downloaded and/or incorporated in a custom Information Skills workshop. This way, the original materials will always stay in-tact and accessible through this website and the downloaded materials can be adapted as desired.

In case of questions regarding the Information Literacy Toolbox or the materials offered, please contact us here.